Tuesday – Zip Lining at Canopy Adventure Volcan Barva

Tuesday morning after a delicious breakfast, we headed off for zip-lining.  This wasn’t one of the tours that I had initially planned to take but our manager, Eduardo, talked me into it.  I’m glad he did.  I ended up having a great time. This is where we went:


This is our group geared up and ready to take on a new adventure.  It was a first for each of us.  The dog is one of many recuses that live on the property. Christina is from Toronto and was vacationing with her sister, Stephanie is from Greece – spending a week in Costa Rico before heading to the states, and Martha is a tour guide at a resort in Utah.


This picture was taken as we were walking to the first platform.  There’s a vine that starts from a seed dropped by birds that grows around trees and slowly suffocates them and then they eventually rot completely just leaving the vine as a shell.



Martha was quick with her camera as we each came in to the platform,  The angle makes it seem like we were skimming across the ground but we were actually about 2 flights up on the platform deck.  The block that you see on the line is the brake they use to slow you down as you’re coming in.

The first two lines we went on were relatively level and eased you gradually in to the feel but the third one had a slope and you really picked up some speed.  The guide gets you into position – your hands where they need to be and legs up, suspended in the harness – as he waits for the whistle signaling that all’s clear on the other end.  And you’re hanging there with only him keeping you from hurtling through the tree tops.  You have to give him the okay to release you and then it’s that feeling like your stomach is up in your throat – but only a few seconds until you feel the breeze and the thrill of soaring over valleys and waterfalls.